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Can you survive the wrath of the giant slime?

"Your fighter's engine is damaged, you can't shoot. You will meet people along the way, rescue them. Launch them towards the boss to damage it, or use them to repair your fighter plane. What will you do?"

Love to the Rescue is my entry for the LOVE JAM 2019 with the theme of FRICTION made within 72 hours.

You must struggle around and make your way to survive from the giant slime's attacks while rescuing survivors along the way.


  • Rescuing a survivor will increase your score.
  • For each rescued survivor in your fighter plane, your movement speed is affected
  • Launch a survivor to damage the enemy
  • Use a survivor to repair your fighter plane for heal


  • Pause - M
  • Skip Intro - Escape (after first introduction)
  • Dialogues:
    • Proceed - Space
    • Previous Option - Up
    • Next Option - Down

There are three different controls you can choose from:

  • Default:
    • Movement - WASD
    • Shoot - K
    • Repair - L
  • Vim:
    • Movement - HJKL
    • Shoot - F
    • Repair - R
  • Arrow:
    • Movement - ARROW KEYS
    • Shoot - Z
    • Repair - X

Source Code On github



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Jam Entry (löve 11.0+) 3 MB


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Great work !

How do you make the curvy screen effect ? 


I believe it is just a library, sorry, i forgot the name of it!

Thank you guys !

It is a "CRT shader", or old TV effect. There's an example here.


Thanks. It's called barrel distortion. I've used the library moonshine